Redefining Fiber Sensing With AI

Compare to the traditional DAS/DTS processing technologies, our patented T-Connect OneView Anomaly forensics suite uses the advanced Artificial intelligence and machine learning technics. It provides 10X protection and high sensitivity with very low false positive rates.

AI Signatures Samples
Classified Activities

T-Connect OneView is a revolutionary anomaly forensic solution powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning. The system will process the raw data generated from TRIDAS, TRIDTS, TRIDRO, and other third-party traditional DAS and DTS Systems.

The brain of the T-Connect OneView system is an algorithmic AI & ML framework with a high complex rule engine.

The system is cable of handling a high signal-noise ratio. Also, the T-Connect OneView will seamlessly be integrated with the Security tracking system (STS).Along with the alarm escalation matrix, our system also provides a role-based authentication system and alarm resolution system in build. The T-Connect OneView system also provides the exact geo-coordinates of the anomaly and intrusion.

T-Connect OneView is an AI enabled system that can learn and evolve and become smarter with time. It is the first open hardware platform in the world with proprietary Algorithmic framework​.

The T-Connect OneView System is 100X superior to any other traditional DAS/DTS/DFOS system. Because of high Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, it reduces dramatically the false alarm rates (FAR), negative alarm rates and nuisance alarms rates (NAR). Our solution is an AI enabled system, that can learn and evolve with respect to the time.

Big Data & Machine Learning

T-Connect OneView is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered next generation solution, which utilizes the power of Big Data, High-Performance Computing and Machine Learning. We process millions of tuples of stream of raw data in real time with high signal to noise ratio (SNR) and detect activities with high accuracy. We have more than 22 Million sets of qualified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Acoustics Signature samples in our Machine Learning library, which help us to identify the activities and do the classification with high accuracy.

By leveraging the power of our highly qualified data set, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning capabilities, we have brought down the false alarms right dramatically and made T-Connect OneView system is a revolutionary product.