T-Connect : Fuelling the Oil & GAS industry

A Complete Comprehensive Anomaly forensics Suite which is designed to redefine anomaly & Intrusion detection.

Anomaly Detection | Data Science | IoT | AI | ML | Predictions | Insights | Intelligence | Preventive maintenance | Information Anywhere.

T-Connect Ecosystem

 T-Connect is a complete comprehensive Ecosystem, which is designed to redefine anomaly and intrusion detection in oil & gas domain with the help of AI, ML & smart IIoT Devices. It is an AI enabled system that can learn and evolve and become smarter with time.

Our AI Powered system will help Oil & gas companies to protect their distribution backbone, especially the pipeline network from leaks, external intrusions, corrosion and much more.

About Us

We are a young vibrant company, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and IoT. We are Converting traditional anomaly detection from detect and react towards predict and prevent.

Our Vision is to become the top anomaly detection company by 2022. Our Patent pending proprietary algorithms will help Oil & Gas companies to identify the leaks, external intrusions, corrosion.

Tranzmeo’s advanced predictive algorithms & hardwares helps our end customers to predict the future & make profitable decision today.

T-Connect OneView

T-Connect OneView is an AI enabled system that can learn and evolve and become smarter with time. It is the first open hardware platform in the world with proprietary Algorithmic framework​.

  • T-Connect OneView
  • Security Tracking System (STS)



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