Smart TLP is our advanced neural network that runs with the power of IIoT to predict corrosion and voltage variations in pipelines with fast convergence.

Keep pipeline corrosion at bay

Oil and gas pipelines are highly susceptible to electrochemical reactions. The excessive exposure to the electrolytes deteriorates the metal and thereby causes corrosion.

One of the biggest challenges in pipeline protection is corrosion and the subsequent leaks and damages. Smart TLP is armored with an AI-integrated system to monitor and analyze voltage fluctuations in pipelines and keep the corrosion rates in check.

A TLP dashboard with analytics, a role-based authentication system, email support, and real-time CP monitoring.

Cathodic Protection but SMART

Smart TLP upgrades traditional TLP systems with the power of IIoT. Integrated with OneView and STS, Smart TLP monitors the real-time cathodic protection potential measurement. A user-friendly interface through web and mobile applications to easily access the data. The dashboard shows highly accurate graphical representations with a pipeline coordinate map view. The system processes the historical data to accentuate the prediction and prevention of corrosion. It highly reduces maintenance costs and manual checking. An energy-efficient solar panel beside the TLP ensures an unhindered power supply to the system.

Smart TLP has configuration settings for intranet, internet, and offline accessibility to prevent data loss if a network failure happens. The module preserves the data and sends it to the servers through GSM. The cloud-stored data prevents any potential data loss. The data is synchronized with the STS application and sent to servers at periodic intervals.

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