Are you confused, whether to build your mobile app in Hybrid or Native ?!

As we know the importance of the mobile apps in the current world, it’s also equally important to choose the best strategy for your new mobile application. Well , this article will help you to choose the best strategy based on your requirement.

 For Developing a new mobile apps, we have mainly two choices based on the platform,

  •  Hybrid/Cross Platform
  • Fully Native

The common and traditional approach is Native, which uses Googles and Apples original tools to specifically target the mobile device like Android and iOS respectively.Objective c and Swift are the Native languages for the iOS application and Java is for the Android application.

The Hybrid approach is, Write once Run Anywhere approach, i.e. you need to write the code only in one language and be able to run the application on multiple platforms.Xamarin, Ionic, React Native etc are examples for Hybrid Platforms.